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What now? A Post-Women’s March Plan

What now? A Post-Women’s March Plan

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, millions of women and allies marched for their rights in cities all around the country.

They marched to make their voices heard and speak out against regressive policies that prey on women, minorities, and the poor. And on that day, that message was heard loud and clear.

But now, what’s next? We must continue to work towards progress, but many don’t know the best way to do that. Here are some ideas on how you can continue to stand up for your rights:

  1. Attend Third House and other community meetings. Go to where your legislators and elected officials are addressing the public and let them know where you stand on the issues. It is vitally important your representation hears from you. You can find Third House meetings from your local representatives office. Click here for a listing of upcoming Third House meetings.
  2. Write letters, emails, or call your representatives directly. If you can’t reach them in person, respectfully inform them of your positions in writing or via telephone. A letter of support for a cause or an issue can show them the strength behind the message. You can find contact information for your legislator at
  3. Phone bank with your local county Democratic party or with a group of friends. You don’t have to be with an official campaign to talk to your neighbors, friends, and family. If you’d like to help reach out to people you don’t know, your local county party office can be of help. If that doesn’t work, get in touch with us and we will get you a list of volunteer opportunities in your area. Click here to find out how to contact your local party office.
  4. Keep up with ways to continue to stay active. The people’s voice can’t be heard without the people. If you are concerned about the direction of our country, you must stay active to help turn things around. Fill out our Signup Form and we will keep you updated via email when there are opportunities for you to make your voice heard.
  5. Register to vote. Register your friends and family to vote. Register people you don’t know to vote. Indiana had 58% voter turnout in 2016. Just a little over half of eligible voters in our state cast their vote. How can we make change if the people that need it the most aren’t showing up to the ballot booth? Lend a hand in mobilizing voters and explaining why it is so important to have competent, responsible leadership that looks out for the interests of everyone, not just a select few.

We know how important it is to continue our march towards progress and the Indiana Senate Democrats will continue to take up that fight every opportunity we can. Thank you for your help as we move ahead.