A pay raise for elected officials? We have a better idea

This week, Republican Senator Randy Head proposed a bill that would increase the pay of Indiana elected officials by up to $30,000 per year.

Keep in mind, this is while Indiana ranks 39th in the nation for average annual pay and Hoosiers saw their income drop by $8,000 over thirteen years. To say this proposal is out of touch is being kind. But it gets worse.

This proposal comes as Republican supermajorities are pushing for a 10-cent-per-gallon gas-tax increase and an added $15 vehicle-registration fee to pay for our roads and infrastructure.

So while Republican supermajorities attempt to take more money out of the already stretched pockets of everyday Hoosiers, they think legislators deserve a pay raise.


We think we have a better idea:


Hoosier families deserve to earn a living wage for their work. We’re tired of seeing citizens forced to work two or more jobs just to make ends meet and then seeing their taxes increased because their elected officials neglected our roads and bridges for years. As of yesterday, this proposal was moved to a study committee to be kept for later. While we “study” this issue of pay raises for elected officials, why don’t we also study giving the middle class a fair shake?

The Indiana Senate Democrats will not be supporting this legislator pay raise. Instead, we’ll be fighting for Hoosiers across the state to get a fair wage themselves.